To login secure data file pro, you may use the login site that is shown below. Just click on it and will also be redirected towards the login page. If you want to work with other protect file exchanges, you can click on the person’s brand in the dropdown box and select All Data. If you are an staff, you must ensure that you have the ‘Show on PSL’ field enabled in their Employee Details case.

Once you’ve accomplished your logon and username and password, you can begin sending documents applying SecureFilePro. The secure system will automatically send a confirmation email to the recipient, so you’d know when the documents have already been successfully sent. SecureFilePro is a perfect solution to get sending delicate documents on your clients. You will have quick access to IRS varieties and can give your documents directly to The Property taxes Place employing SecureFilePro. The best part is that it has the free!

Great feature of Secure Record Exchange is that your contacts will receive announcements when they download your data files. If you’ve dispatched multiple files to multiple recipients, the first beneficiary to access these people will still see them in striking font. In the event that they don’t access the files, they will not be included in your document count. If you wish to change the default setting up, you can customize it inside the PensionPro preferences. And you can actually sync that with cloud storage.