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Greetings to our Detroit Impact Family & Friends:

It is our hope and prayer that you and your loved ones are safe and well.

Like so many others, we’ve asked: Has anyone seen days as challenging as those brought on by the COVID-19 virus?

Beloved community, we want you to know Detroit Impact is still here providing vital resources and support. Our mission is not just to help meet the community’s immediate needs in the remaining days of statewide shutdown. We also want to support our youth and families until their neighborhoods have completely recovered.  So, as we plan Detroit Impact’s summer activities and outreach services, we need your contribution toward helping us help others.

Your charitable financial contributions will assist Detroit Impact with providing programs and services for the community.  All donations are appreciated.

On behalf of the Detroit Impact families, youth, staff and friends, thank you for your support.

Please give today!

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Impact Youth Today! 

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Impact Youth Today! 

Our Mission

Detroit Impact is a 501(c) (3) non-profit charitable organization operating as a part of a vision of community development, focusing on Detroit’s West side neighborhoods. 

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Our First Priority

We incorporated in 1991 with the goals of bringing resources and creative empowerment to the residents of this community. Our first task is helping low income and at risk youth to develop a sound value system, strong personal motivation and positive self-esteem. 

What We Do

We seek to assist the youth in becoming responsible members of the community. Our program is a cooperative effort with parents, churches, schools, the business community, and neighborhood residents.

Make An Impact

Detroit Impact is a youth center established to work with the youth in our community to teach, mentor, guide, motivate, and encourage them.

We do so through example and the provision of programs and services designed to obtain their interest.

Volunteer hours served in 2019

Youth impacted in 2019


All profits towards education programs

How You Can Help


Your time is valuable and we want our youth and staff to have community support during programs.


Keep our mission going by supporting Detroit Impact to continue the good work of our team and founders.


Take a stand for our community and our youth. Share & connect with us on Facebook.


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Change Makers

ChangeMakers is designed to build character, improve reading/comprehension skills, provide opportunities for creative expression, social skills, and personal growth.

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STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) is designed to enrich and equip students  ability to participate in projects to view the real-world from the perspective of  alternative energy.

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Kids Club

An after-school and weekend program, Kids’ Club is designed toward offering its members a positive, fun experience in the safe environment of the Detroit Impact Center.

Detroit Impact is a 501(c) (3) non-profit charitable organization operating as a part of a vision of community development, focusing on Detroit’s West side neighborhoods.