Detroit Impact, Inc

Vision through 20/20

Detroit Impact’s theme is

“Building Community Bridges to Youth and Families”



Detroit Impact programs include 2 major strategies of social engagement and crisis management building upon the 4 Cornerstone of program content:

Social Engagement
  • Leadership
  • Recreation
Crisis Management
  • Second Chance Initiatives
  • Literacy

Social Engagement  provides activities for participants that are relevant to the 40 Developmental Assets of Adolescence (founded by Search Institute) and supports the educational, innovative, recreational, and socially engaging opportunities to interact with youth and adults in positive and intentional ways.

Leadership – is reflected and established throughout our programs by the opportunities for participants to engage in team building, self-exploration, listening skills, and increase the sensitivity of others in their similarities and differences to start the process of leading with compassion and understanding.

Recreation – is reflected and established throughout our programs by providing opportunities for participants to engage in arts and crafts, physical activities, field trips, and a variety of activities that expose participants to various forms of technology.

Crisis Management – provides activities which are reflective and intervention strategies that assist participants make good life choices, seek alternatives to violence for solving conflict, and understand the interpersonal skills needed to manage and/or navigate their changing home, school and community environments. Many of these services are facilitated through professionals with a background in social work, therapy, anger management, mentoring, tutoring/education, and/or youth development.

Second Chance Initiatives – is reflected and established throughout our program by referring and/or engaging participants in direct and indirect service that may include individual and group counselling, specific activities that impact health and wellness, and other creative and/or physical outlet directed to help participants development and/or enhance coping skills.

Literacy – is reflected and established throughout our program by utilising age appropriate reading and learning materials as well as providing access to computer and financial literacy skills. Tutoring is also a component of Literacy used to intervene with academic enrichment and reinforcing lessons learned in school.


Detroit Impact is a 501(c) (3) non-profit charitable organization operating as a part of a vision of community development, focusing on Detroit’s West side neighborhoods.