Sy dapat interview dkt centurion organisation as happy brand ambassadors

The funny thing is, i got a call from Nasad company just now..the staff said, “we went through ur resume and you are selected to go for interview tomorrow. It is sooo lol bcs I nvr send my resume, i just made a call last week asking for the internship position.

Thanks guys all of you saved my life and time. i feel so stupid right now. i accepted the job and the accepted the fact that its a comission based but no more. thank God. please be aware of this kind of company. they are damn sweet talker and their company looks so professional. they say they will bring you fly here fly there. so just dont. not a single news about that company and they have so many name. in addition they do not have a proper company website

Hi guys, kepada yang baru dapat iv a OA Sdn Bhd. Tengah hari isi form, petang dia call dapat pegi iv. (Basic rm2300 beb siapa x excited).

Macam biasa kita mesti check Company bg, check punya check, bapak banyak nama OA ni. Tapi betul2 OA sdn bhd ni xda, mcm x wujud. Location dia bagi dekat Cheras (Maukerja). Dia call, nama Melissa, cakap Melayu fluent, sikit lagi nak terpikat.

So aku google sampai dapat sebab aku duk jauh, jauh beb. Akhirnya apa aku jumpa website ni, cakap yg diorang ni dtg dari pelbagai nama company, mujurlah dia selitkan sekali nama CENTURION ORGANISATION.

Cek punya cek, nama dia kat TrueCaller ID (android benefits) is Mia Sara. Kat situ dah pelik. Cek lagi job oppurtunity ada dekat SK(Sri Kembangan), number yang dia bagi sama 018-2074575 tapi nama Intan pulak.

So, aku pun decide untuk reject offer tu. Based from I see from comments all of you guys, dia sebiji macam direct selling, or worse, no basic salary, rude boss and more. May your company will be bring to Justice.

They hurt our soul and stab our heart

i dont know if this company is true or not but im pretty sure that this company is fake..because i had a same thing like u all,they call me for 1st interview then after few days i got called for the 2nd interview but for the 2nd interview im very sure that this is FAKE company..(centurion sales and e that i go to interview,thanks for information from u guys..

Nampak permainan dia kat situ

mybe im school i just got SPM,no degree or diploma or anything els but im just want a nice work to support my self and my family..but this company make my heart broken,very-very dispointed because they work with (APPCO) so i hope for graduate pleas becareful..they will try to cheat u untill u work with them,im quiet suscipious with this company untill i foud this website then im really sure about scammer..i hope in a few days or months if have a got a same thing like us pleas respons in this website because i will check again this website for 1week or 2weeks..i hope someone will comments what i said to make sure that this company really cheaters.

are u working with this company, invention marketing ? may i know it is a true company, or just one of the scammers ?

I saw few jobs related to Marketing on Jobstreet posted by a company called SD Infinity sdn bhd, so I applied one of them as the job met my expected salary. I was called for an interview after half hookup Dating-Sites an hour, and I went to the interview next day. I researched the company on Google, less information about the company except Info about their establishment in 2016 (registered in 2016), the website is upgrading, I could view nothing, I even searched on Facebook, all about employees photos.