Leo following said you to definitely Glucose is at the newest main tower

Immediately following Thunder Soldier and a few dwarves broke up from their store, Leo said which they decided to go to the brand new royal palace so you can attack Doflamingo when Sugar was beaten. When Usopp try saw from the a couple of Doflamingo’s people, new dwarves stripped her or him. Because they was in fact mislead, Leo and you will Rampo kicked them out. Just after Usopp and you can Robin placed on disguises, the brand new rebels continued on to the main tower. [23]

Once they come to new administrator tower, Leo told Usopp concerning the relationship amongst the tower and you may the fresh garbage set. They then infiltrated the tower and you may decided to go to the room in which Glucose and you can Trebol had been discovered. Leo designed a strategy to take down Glucose. He got out a cut-off off Tatababasco, that’s referred to as best spruce global and you may the dwarves made it molded such as for example a great grape. Leo planned to place the spice to your Sugar’s container off grapes regarding expectations one to Sugar carry out consume it. When he ran toward play his package, he ing, the fresh new process could be an emergency. [32]

Immediately after watching Trebol take a travel with great reliability, Robin prevented Leo away from entering the place, comprehending that Trebol could destination your. [33] When Bian brought about a commotion in the exchange port with a keen military away from wasps, Robin lured Trebol from the place. This new assault failed once the Glucose switched some of the dwarves towards this lady model servants and bought them to destroy all invaders on the tower. That have forgotten the dwarves which were just turned, Leo’s category involved with struggle with the former comrades. [34]

They certainly were disrupted when a ship tossed of the Trebol damaged for the brand new tower. Trebol after that grabbed Leo and his fellow dwarves together with his sticky compound. Just after fooling Leo toward sharing that have who they were allied, Trebol ignited the brand new gooey material, causing it so you can burst. Immediately after picking right on up Leo, Usopp advised which they will be refuge. However, Leo is determined with the doing the fresh new operation so Thunder Soldier you will definitely struggle Doflamingo. Whenever Usopp questioned your as to why the dwarves put much believe from the model soldier, Leo indicated that Thunder Soldier ‘s the only model that will push back up against Doflamingo and that he or she is none other than Kyros. [21] Using dwarves incapacitated, Leo place their trust inside the Usopp. [35]

Leo was then blown away to in which Usopp was

To demonstrate his faith, Leo along with his fallen comrades start chanting “Usoland.” Whenever Trebol asked just what he had been chanting, Leo proclaimed one Usoland could save just this new dwarves, however, the enslaved playthings also. Trebol merely laughed during the the faith, saying that these people were lied so you can and their savior wasn’t future and probably someplace chuckling at the misery. Then he informed the dwarves one to the believe for the your are misplaced. Leo furiously disregarded Trebol’s comments, stating that Usoland will definitely save yourself her or him. Ahead of Leo can say more, Trebol stomped brand new dwarf along with his base. When Usopp arrived to keep her or him, he acknowledge which he was not what the guy advertised become and this they are most a lying pirate. In the event saddened because of the facts, the latest dwarves cheered to possess Usopp as he introduced an attack against Trebol. [13]

Immediately after Trebol are from the tower, the brand new dwarves recharged in and you will rushed in the Sugar

New dwarves was basically concerned when Usopp is overloaded because of the Trebol. Whenever Glucose pressed the new liven toward Usopp’s mixxxer konum deÄŸiÅŸtirme mouth area, Leo are shocked observe that Usopp’s phrase scared Glucose so much that she shed understanding. [36] With the primary purpose out of Operation SOP completed, the newest dwarves wept more than Usopp’s achievements and you may announced that they’re going to build a sculpture out of Usopp. [37] The new dwarves up coming transmitted Usopp off a mad Trebol if you’re Robin held your back. These people were up coming surprised when Hajrudin acquired Usopp. When the previous submissives stated their allegiance on their savior, Usopp ordered their newfound supporters so you’re able to ruin the fresh Laugh warehouse and brand new dwarves shout out Usopp’s term. [38]