I took a loan for my daughter’s birthday and I was in a mess


They approved my loan in a couple of minutes but after that, it was a painful procedure to get it repaid. And specifically, do not go for loan payday. That was the last thing to choose for if you are looking for some mental peace. They are slow in processing the repayments and you will be in debt for at least double the payment tenure. Return in payment options is also very bad and pathetically slow. With all these problems your repayment tenure will increase and finally have to pay double the amount. I hate the day when I decided to take a loan from them. After I took a loan and tried starting the repayment as I availed it is per day term, they started delaying it. I paid more than double, got hassled with the repayment options, and suffered mental stress and a lot more. Now I understood the reason behind it. If the processing is fast, they will earn less. And this is the reason behind it why they delay so that they can earn more. This is just their strategy to make more money. I recommend not going to the reviews written over here as I believe that they all must be the paid reviews that people write for money as my experience is too bad with them. Also if you see all the recommendations are more than a decade ago and now their services had gone worst that one cannot even imagine. I am giving them a rating in negative as they are not even eligible for 0 rating also.

A total Ripoff and Scam!! Stay Away!

Last month I needed a loan urgently to stay afloat as I lost my job, I was going through a financial crisis, though I was always unsure about the loaning companies after doing some research I decided to go with Castitle Loans. RIP off – I beg you guys to not to go to this rotten place ever! The employees here have this stinking attitude, they always act like they own the company. You ask them questions and they make weird faces. They requested me to bring a bank statement and I brought in the most recent one, but the clerk wanted to log in to my bank account, I felt this is so risky, logging in to my account from an unknown computer.

The interest rate here is also sky high! Interest is 108 % APR and daily interest rate in more than 29%. I planned to take out a loan for $ 10,000 but paying it off in 6 months would cost me $ 5,000. I was in for another shock, calculation of the liens done by them was overstated. If I had the correct amount for liens my eligibility to take loans would have been much higher. Their website is not secure and, their company is not registered. Their email address is not valid. No one bothers to check or reply to the emails you send them. Please never share your number with these morons. The employees try to flirt with you late at night and they call you like a million times! Castitle Loans has horrible rules. These scammers ask for a prepaid debit card and give you a deadline to take out the loan as soon as possible. I wanted to withdraw the money which was added to my loan and I went in to do the same and to my surprise, I found out that they won\’t let me get my original payment and my next payment would be due in a few months. Although, I used my new loan money to put in my account because I had to urgently pay some bills but a shocking revelation was made that payment was taken out of my account anyway. I couldn\’t stop my account from going negative which was highly frustrating. I called Cash 1 because I wanted to put my payday loans Ohio money back in and they said that they can’t help me with this issue because the payment should have come out beforehand. Am I bitten by a mad dog that I would take more money out even though I know that I will have to pay it back the same day? It messed up my whole account and I still can’t figure out to get it right. The good reviews they get online are probably paid, I would say they are not only scammers, but these fuckers are Robbers. I am planning to report them so they get their senses back and stop looting the innocent people around.