He then cries aside which he does not want Yusei to help you perish, but Yusei reassures this new child he won’t

Industry Rushing Grand Prix

During Yusei’s Duel having Aporia, Leo, with the rest of the people, try found an eyesight for the future, hence simply leaves him for the disbelief, yet not concise in which the guy provides abreast of the newest upcoming these include starting. Shortly after hearing off Sherry LeBlanc one Yusei usually pass away in the event the he goes into Divine Forehead, Leo reduces to your tears, wanting to know if it is really worth they to own Yusei in order to risk their lives.

Ark Cradle

Leo as well as the remaining group accompany Yusei to the Divine Forehead. Once they try split up into about three organizations because of Z-your trickery, Leo journey that have Luna and you may Jack on the heart of the design clueless that Aporia might be waiting for them from the 2nd knowledge. He or she is upcoming pressed into the a great 3 to the step one Duel with Jack and you may Luna due to their life on the line thru gadgets linked to its hearts. Even after their attempts to increase “Reddish Dragon Archfiend” and you may manage Luna’s Lives Facts, his method backfires shortly after Aporia Summons “Meklord Army off Granel” and you may hits aside each of their people, damaging Jack’s ace monster. Aporia up coming announces by most recent state you to Leo could have to carry on alone up against your immediately after he closes their turn. Leo, inside the efforts to protect Luna, manages to Unique Summon “Saw Dragon” and “Old Fairy Dragon” thru “Twice Ripple”, and that sooner leads to his dying. Yet not, he or she is restored considering the aftereffect of his “Morphtronic Lantron” therefore the fuel of your Dark-red Dragon, obtaining the Cardiovascular system Mark of the Dragon, to make your the sixth Signer. In the long run he Synchro Summons “Existence Weight Dragon”, that’s capable fix Luna’s, Jack’s, along with his own Lifestyle Points due to the impression (its wounds was including cured). When he episodes Aporia with this change, they scratching the only real amount of time in this new Duel you to Aporia searched become myself impacted by getting damage. It in the long run overcome Aporia by eliminating Aporia’s most powerful monster’s ATK. Immediately after conference with the complete cluster, they promotion deeper on the Divine Temple last but most certainly not least get a hold of it is chief inhabitant. The group is amazed when Aporia who was assumed deceased reappears and you can initiates a Duel having Z-one to, seeking to prompt him regarding hope. Although the guy seems to Summon the three “Meklord Emperors”, he or she is of no use against Z-one’s “Timelords” and ultimately he or she is beaten. Realizing the effectiveness of Z-a person’s ple regarding Jack, Crow and you may Akiza, with his cousin, Leo offers Yusei his “Power tool Dragon” along with his “Lifestyle Weight Dragon”, hoping to aid him over the last race.

People 5D’s future

About 50 % annually after the struggle with Z-you to, the brand new twins found a page off their moms and dads. Inside, it let them know that they want to alive together, but for that to take place, they may need get-off The Domino Area. Leo along with his aunt can not decide what to-do while they must stay with the brand new group. After Jack demands Yusei so you can an effective Duel he agrees, this new twins plus Akiza and you will Crow watch the fresh Duel. It sooner want to go with their moms and dads.

Many years after, Leo keeps good Duel Athlete away from his very own, that he spends to carry their sister to college senior match giriÅŸ. Whenever Crow left his team regarding Shingon League in order to difficulty Jack for the Trip Adept, he necessary Leo so you’re able to his class since the his replacement for.


Leo and his sibling are known to become together for the almost the world of one’s show and also have a very personal thread. In the entire inform you, it’s generated apparent you to in just about any state connected with Luna, Leo is certainly one to give the woman the fresh new power to combat back. [12] [13] [9] [8] . Luna is the most important person in their life in which he tend to protect the lady at any cost from dangers; to Luna, Leo was the lady ‘hero’ and you may she can not alive rather than him. [13] Even though the twins provides their pros and cons they like each other dearly and tend to be sensed many valuable person in the fresh new other people’s lives. [13] [5] [5]