He had been angry in the Yuma’s efforts plus the Number’s dictate grounds your develop much more competitive

Before strolling out, Shark tells Yuma that he would see him in the finals and traded smiles

Around the world Duel Carnival, the friendship gets burdened as Shark turned concerned about revenge into Quattro and you can continuously informed Yuma “Don’t get involved with myself” once they came across. [44] [45] When Yuma finds out just how unlawful Shark had become, Yuma challenged him so you can a good Duel, where Yuma generated no move to assault, and you may assist Shark simply take their anger on your. As Shark observe Yuma and you may Tori scream at every other, he smiled additionally the dark within his cardiovascular system gone away. Shark then terminated the newest Duel, claiming that viewing Yuma are an “idiot” produced him cure their push. [18]

When you look at the WDC group, Yuma tried searching for Shark, demonstrating their matter to have Shark, and because he has something you should inquire your, however, Clicca per maggiori informazioni did not get a hold of him. [15] When you look at the finals away from WDC, Yuma stumbles across Shark’s Duel that have Quattro and stayed to brighten your into. Whenever Shark Summoned “Matter thirty two: Shark Drake”, Yuma worried about him because of the dictate of the “Number”, and you can cried over to Shark as he was savagely assaulted eight minutes by Quattro. [93] Since Duel continues, Yuma made an effort to pull Shark out of the dictate of one’s “Number”, however, Shark ultimately gives involved with it. After Shark wins brand new Duel, Shark put their revenge towards the Vetrix and you will informed Yuma he won’t forgive him if got in their means, pushing the friendship once more. [25]

At some point, Yuma tells Shark he does not want to see ways the guy is now, shocking your, and is followed closely by their belly growling

Regarding the partial finals, Yuma and you will Shark were matched-doing Duel both, which have Yuma eager to settle the rivalry. Unfamiliar so you can Yuma, Vetrix are influencing Shark through the energy regarding his crest, but Yuma does notice how emotionless and various Shark was. Inside Duel, Vetrix generated Shark thought Yuma are one so you’re able to damage their sibling, and that generated Shark hate Yuma and attack him ruthlessly. Yuma tried to build Shark recall the minutes they Dueled together, exactly how Shark attempted securing his Emperor’s Secret out of Kite, as well as how much their bond way to him. Yuma and informed Shark that his goal will be Duel Champ and you can defeating Vetrix and you may Dr. Faker was not worthy of losing him. To go back Shark on track, Yuma grabbed control of “Number C32: Shark Drake Veiss” and you can sustained because the “Number” made an effort to control him. Shark were able to regain their sensory faculties and starts to worry having Yuma. When choosing to save Shark or Astral, Yuma would not like and you will said that Shark was an invaluable friend in order to your. To store Yuma, Shark removed their remaining Life Things to remove “Shark Drake” and give Yuma the brand new profit. After, Shark informed Yuma how within the Duel which he you will tune in to Yuma’s voice and you will thanked Yuma to possess saving your. Cheerful, Shark next encourages Yuma so you can profit and beat Vetrix, that have Yuma promises to carry on their often. [50]

Later, whenever Shark awakes about hospital and you may notices that Yuma’s Dueling with Vetrix in the Areas Occupation, the guy begins to care and you may rushes off to the fresh new Duel Coaster Arena, calling away Yuma’s identity as he happens. [52] Then he enters Heartland Tower to store Yuma and you can places themselves in peril in the process, appearing exactly how much he cares getting him. Shark was even prepared to form teams which have Kite and you will Orbital 7 to help you cut Yuma, even with their violence on her or him. When Yuma challenges Dr. Faker in order to a beneficial Duel, Yuma offered right back Shark “Shark Drake”, inquiring your to assist your, therefore the second suits Yuma having a smile. [53] During the Duel, Yuma and you can Shark served each other well with the notes, also Shark flirting Yuma when he or she is delivering doubts. [26] [54] If Heartland Tower started to crumble, a piece of concrete was about going to Yuma ahead of Shark pushes him taken care of to protect your, using the strike as an alternative. [55]